The Pub

Approximate Time SpanLate 1970s
Address or LocationCongress Avenue, Palm Springs
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From Dave Bartens:

The Lady in Red (The Pub Story)

The Pub was always crowded with people, especially on Fridays, which was payday for most people.

On night the bar was packed two deep, mostly with men. All of a sudden in walks a young girl with the most beautiful bright red dress and an amazing figure to go with it. Every single man’s jaw hit the floor completely flabbergasted with her beauty. She had a few drinks, that the guys at the bar gladly bought her. There was a very popular song out at that time and I thought this would be the perfect time for me to play it… “The Lady In Red”. I began singing the song and she got up from her stool, walked over to the dance floor, which had no one on it but her. She bagan to dance to the song lifting her dress as she went along. I saw every guy at the bar and all their faces had the look of ecstacy! They were all in a spell. She walked over to the bar and finished her drink and left through the side door when the song was over.

When I took a break all the men were asking me who she was and if she would be coming back. I told them that I didn’t know who she was or anything about her. For weeks all the guys at the bar kept asking me if she was coming back. 

She did come back two months later… accompanied by a man. She got up to do her dance and lift her dress once again and the man (who ended up being her husband) walked over to the dance floor and escorted her out of the bar. That was the last anyone ever saw of her again. Wow… “The Lady in Red” was such a big hit and was never forgotten. So many of the other girls, who were regulars at the Pub, started wearing a red dress and tried to do the moves she had done but it was never the same. Every time after that I played “The Lady in Red” song everyone looked around to see if “she” was there. Sorry guys… End of the Pub Story. 

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