Ta-boo Palm Beach
Approximate Time Span1970s 
Address or Location221 Worth Ave, Palm Beach 
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 From Dave Bartens:

The Phil James Story

Phil was one of my best friends who showed me how to do a “single act” – playing by myself at lounges. I played my guitar and sang the songs by myself. Phil did the same thing.

Phil was called to do a private birthday party for a man in Palm Beach. This man had alot of money and was planning a party at The Taboo Lounge on Worth Avenue to impress his new girlfriend.

Phil played at this private party for the two hours he was paid for. He was packing up his equipment to leave when the man walked over to him to tell Phil what an excellent job he had done. He had one more request for Phil. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of money. He handed it to Phil and asked if he could do just one more song before he left. The song was “The Green, Green Grass of Home”, which every musician knew at that time. Phil put the money in his pocket, opened his guitar case and sang the song. The man said thanks and Phil left the lounge. Phil stopped and pulled out the wad of money the man had given him and counted $300.00!

About two weeks later Phil was playing at a little bar up on a side street from The Taboo Lounge and Restaurant. The same man he did the party for walked into this little bar, saw Phil and handed him $20.00 to play “The Green, Green Grass of Home” one more time. Phil leaned over and whispered into the man’s ear: “That’s a $300.00 song!”. Both of them had a real good laugh.

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