Helen Wilkes Hotel Lounge

Helen Wilkes Hotel
Approximate Time Span 1970s
Address or Location Waterfront, West Palm Beach
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 From Dave Bartens:

I had a job providing entertainment at the Helen Wilkes Hotel. The hotel had a big ballroom with a bar, stage and dance floor. I had a five-piece band at that time. I also came with a drummer that showed up every night drunk. I had to make a change so I fired the drunk drummer and found a very good drummer…. who was totally blind! He was a young guy but played very well. I’m sorry, but I’ve forgotten his name.

We played for the first hour and a half then took our first break. We got up and went to the back of the lounge to a empty table to sit down. We started talking then heard a terrible crash coming from the stage area. I stood up and looked over at the stage and we had completely forgotten to lead our blind drummer off the stage! He had stood up and knocked over the entire set of cymbals. I rushed over to him and asked if he was alright. I took his band and walked him over to the table where the band was sitting. We all apologized to him and he said: “That’s alright fellas. I’m driving home tonight!”

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