The Duchess Lounge

844 N. Dixie Hwy, Lantana, 1977-1983

Duchess Lounge wooden nickel

(Formerly Your Place.) Owned and managed by Tom Walker. (He also became owner of the Tiger’s Paw in Feb. 1978.) Carpeted walls and mirrors on the ceiling.!

Live entertainment during the late 1970s included: Three’s a Crowd, Break Thru (Winners of that year’s WIRK Great Rock Band Search.), The Drum-Harris BandGulfstream, Calypso jazz Tuesdays and Sundays, and Hot Tea

In Nov. 1981, Joel Zmistowski filed a $25,000 lawsuit against four Greenacres City off-duty police officers and the Duchess, claiming he was beaten by the officers at the club in August of 1980. Claims were also made about previous “boisterous behavior” by the four officers at the club.

In 1981, Lantana Glamour, considered one of the most promising pups at Flagler Kennel Club claimed the win in 10 out of her 12 races that year. She also set a track record while winning the St. Patricks Day Invitational at PBKC.)

March 1977, The Duchess installed a CB radio setup. Daytime bartender Debby Taylor chatted live from the Duchess on CB channel 20 from noon to 7 pm. Call letters were KTW 33462 and her handle was “Duchess of Lantana.” Also chat on the CB from regular Sunday cookouts in the parking lot.

On April 6, 1983 bar owners addressed the Lantana Town Council about proposed cutbacks in club hours from 5am to 2am. Councilman Henry Johnson, a former owner of the Duchess, sympathized with the owners. “The Duchess has had that license, to my knowledge, for at least 25 years.” Before 11 p.m. the bar did nothing as far as business goes. The Duchess became Mickey’s Lounge in August, with the band Turning Point. Hours were 1pm to 5am, dress code strictly enforced.