Thom Caraccio

60s-70s HometownWest Palm Beach FL
High SchoolColumbus, Miss. / Memphis, Tenn.
Main InstrumentBass
Other InstrumentsVocals, guitars
Early InfluencesBeatles…mid 60’s to 70’s rock bands, Mississippi & Memphis blues players
Local Bands, Approximate Years1972: Pocus Slade with Danny Moon
1973-75: Starchild
1986-87: The Company
1993-95: Dee and the Smokin Popes
2004 to present: The Smokin Popes
Current HometownLake Worth FL
Current OccupationBusiness owner / Musician
Current Musical InvolvementSmokin Popes: Singer / Bass Player
Comments, Highlights“Like to hear from any of the guys from the “ol days”