Scott Henderson

Scott Henderson
Born 1954
60s-70s Hometown West Palm Beach
High SchoolGraduate of Lake Worth High School. Attended P.B.J.C., graduated F.A.U., studying arranging and composition.
Main InstrumentGuitar
Other InstrumentsMore guitars
Early InfluencesJimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Miles Davis, John McLaughlin, Sly Stone, Albert King.
Local Bands, Approximate Years1970s: R&B band Pure Hell, Paradise, Pulse.
Later, Zawinul Syndicate, Tribal Tech, Scott Henderson solo trios.
Current HometownLos Angeles
Current OccupationMusician/Bandleader and guitar instructor, Musicians’ Institute, G.I.T.
Current Musical InvolvementRecently released fifth solo album “Vibe Station” with Drummer Alan Hertz and bassist Travis Carlton. Still tours regularly.
Comments, HighlightsHas recorded and performed with many of the top modern Jazz players, including Joe Zawinul, Chick Corea, Jeff Berlin, Jean Luc Ponty, and Victor Wooten. Released ten albums with bassist Gary Willis in their band Tribal Tech. Also, guest appearances on more than 50 albums, from 1980 to present.
In 1991 he was named Guitar World Magazine‘s #1 Jazz Guitarist. 1992, Named #1 in Guitar Player‘s Annual Readers Poll. His 1994 album “Dog Party”, was Guitar Player‘s #1 “Best Blues Album”.