Rich Meitin

60s-70s HometownRiviera Beach 1957-68
High SchoolRBHS
Main Instrumentkeyboards
Other Instrumentsa little bass, guitar, french horn
Early InfluencesThe killer B’s:- beatles, byrds, buffalo springfield. And Jimi.
Local Bands, Approximate YearsHebrews, Big Daddy Aardvark, Mach 5, Yesterday’s Children (replaced the initial keyboard player), Red Dog Kin, Curtis Brothers Band, two or three others I cannot recall.
Current HometownNYC NY
Current OccupationSemi-retired music professor; former composer and producer of music for hi-end media (TV networks, national advertising, etc.)
Current Musical InvolvementTeaching.
Comments, HighlightsWas a lawyer briefly. Happy to report I subsequently spent 20 years in NY studios with the best musicians and singers in the country. Grateful, too. Most of my product was film scoring. Probably most visible gig was opening theme and lots of other music for the CBS ’98 Olympics. Won a group of national and international awards for music in commercials i scored. Did a lot of radio production (spoken word and sound design) as well. Love teaching, here in my later years. Happy to answer any more questions.