Paul (Lee) Pesiri

Paul Lee then & now

60s-70s HometownWest Palm Beach FL
High SchoolJohn I Leonard
Main InstrumentBass Guitar
Other Instruments 
Early InfluencesStanley Clarke, Jaco, etc.
Local Bands, Approximate YearsStraight Shooter ’79-’82
Gate 8 ’82-’85
Murphy’s Law ’84-’86
No Excuse ’86-’88
Light Year ’89-’91
Rhythm Force ’91-’93
Serious Jones ’93-’98
Conspiracy ’98-’06
Current HometownLake Worth
Current OccupationBass PLayer
Current Musical InvolvementCurrently in the Big Dog Band and Eddie Raye Band. Still playing around town.
Comments, Highlights“Growing up in Palm Beach County and being involved in music all of my life. I have met and played with some great musicians. Some have passed, others are still around playing. It’s been a great ride!!!”