Pat Canavan

Born 1935-1977
60s-70s Hometown West Palm Beach
High School St. Ann’s
Main Instrument Vocal
Early Influences Hank Williams and early country music
Local Bands, Approximate Years Various, early 50s
Comments, Highlights (From Tom Preston) We moved to Pahokee in 1953 and I would hear Pat on the radio. There were only two kinds of music then: 40s pop and Country. Thank God for rock and roll in 1955. Danny Abdo is also on the list. The Canavans and Abdos were lifelong friends. Possibly Danny played with Pat. I know nothing about his music. They may have played at Wellman’s or the Okeechobee Bar, across from City Place today. I have a film the day we arrived in WPB from Scotland of Danny carrying a bottle of scotch from the 1001 Club at the NW corner of Parker Ave. and Georgia Ave.