Joe Marmo

60s-70s HometownStuart FL
High SchoolRiviera Beach High School
Main InstrumentGuitar
Other InstrumentsSax, flute, keyboards, drums
Early InfluencesBeatles, Stones, CSN&Y, Eagles
Local Bands, Approximate YearsStar Dusters 1957-59
The Weird 1965-67
Alias 1977-82
The Not Tonight Band 1984-90
Shop Stains 1990-2000
The Durty River Band – Present
Current HometownStuart FL
Current OccupationVisual Artist, musician
Current Musical InvolvementPlay local events on the Treasure Coast. Jam sessions 2-3 times a week.
Comments, HighlightsPlayed the first River Walk Concert, Stuart, FL. The first Salerno Seafood Festival, Fund raisers for the Rivers Coalition.