Jeffrey J. Halle

60s-70s HometownWest Palm Beach FL
High SchoolRiviera Beach, Suncoast, Palm Beach Gardens
Main InstrumentDrums, Vocals
Other InstrumentsPiano, Keyboards, Guitar
Early InfluencesGene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Elvis, Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Sandy Nelson, Ringo, Charlie Watts, Carmine Appice
Local Bands, Approximate YearsThe Javelins 1966-67; The Statics 1967-68; Andromeda 1969-1970; Cat Sass 1971-1975; Harpy 1976-1979; The Southern Boulevard Band 1981-1994; MAINSTREET 1994-Present; WHITESTONE 1998-Present
Current HometownRoyal Palm Beach FL
Current OccupationMusic Performance & Childrens Music Education
Current Musical InvolvementI teach drums, keyboards, and guitar to about 50 students a week at ASM Music Schools for children.
I play drums and sing with the bands WHITESTONE and MAINSTREET.
I play drums in Elvis Presley, Neil Diamond, and Doo Wop tribute acts.
I am the house drummer at the Blue Boar Tavern on Thursday open mic night.
I still perform 70-80 dates per year, which I’ve done for the last 20 years.
I write original music.
Comments, HighlightsThe thing that really made me want to play Rock & Roll was something that I witnessed as a kid. In Belvedere Homes in West Palm Beach, every month they would block off the street with cars and barriers, and bands would set up, in the street, and the teenagers would have a “Street Dance”. This was in 61-62. I was 7, and I’ve been lookin’ for that energy ever since!