James Silk

60s-70s HometownBethpage Long Island NY / Singer Island, Palm Beach Shores FL
High SchoolRiviera Beach / Palm Beach Country Day
Main Instrumentguitars
Other Instruments 
Early InfluencesAlvin Lee, Jeff Beck, Clapton, Jimmy Page, Carlos Santana, Buddy Guy, Albert Lee. Scott Henderson when he was a local playing in the area.
Local Bands, Approximate YearsOpen Road 1973, WRYZ Band named after the fm station , General Greenfield Band 1974- 1977, Buck Creek Band 1978, Doc Holiday 1978, Harmony Winds 1980.
Current HometownEarl Park IN
Current OccupationPower generation with FPL and Duke Energy for the last 26 years
Current Musical InvolvementBues jams south of Chicago once in a while
Comments, HighlightsThis is really a cool site! i knew a lot of you guys, all great players! For me playing in Nashville with some session players was a big thrill.