Hughie Burns

60s-70s HometownWest Palm Beach
High School 
Main InstrumentGuitar, Vocals
Other Instruments 
Early Influences 
Local Bands, Approximate YearsRhythm Rockers
The County Line
Current HometownRoyal Palm Beach
Current OccupationMusician, Bandleader
Current Musical InvolvementStill performing with The County Line Band
Comments, HighlightsOne of the leading personalities in the local country music scene for many years. Beginning with The Rythymn Rockers, at age 16, he toured the state for four years. Also joined The Accents with Buddy Decker. After a three-year stint at The Kandy Bar, he took a six-month break. He started The County Line with drummer Ray Sagasser, sax player Keith McKendrick (aka K.D.Mack) and bass player Curtis Paul. They released a record “Florida Cracker”, and became regulars and eventually the house band at the The Tigers Paw. (later The Silver Spur)