Dr Bill Rhodes

Dr Bill Rhodes
Born 1953
60s-70s Hometown The World
High School 3 degrees incl Dr of Music
Main Instrument Piano, B3, Synth, performing never using backing tracks …
Other Instruments all others digitally digits (with fingers)
Early Influences Bach, Stravinsky…Oscar… all the Classical Masters… Emerson… Corea
Local Bands, Approximate YearsLocal bands in Palm Bch since 1978, moved away in 2000..back in Palm Bch area Nov 2021
Current Hometown Palm Beach
Current Occupation Composer, Pianist
Contact/Linkswww.symphonicpiano.com youtube 800 tracks go: Dr Bill Rhodes or link on my website
Current Musical InvolvementComposing for PBS, NASA, International Planetarium Society, NETFLIX, licence with many websites (Jemando, Spot ) currently 800 youtube entries ..worldwide airplay with many digital stations and websites…
Comments, HighlightsComposed “Keith Emerson Suite” 2016 composed YES 50th Anniversary Suite…many synth performances on film scores (Rollerball The Thief w Tangerine Dream) 5th Element jazz tribute for Bill Evans…many Frank Zappa arrangements for keys… et al