Craig Reid

60s-70s HometownFt Lauderdale FL
High SchoolNortheast High School, Ft Lauderdale
Main InstrumentElectric Bass Guitar
Other InstrumentsGuirro, Miraccas, Recorder
Early InfluencesThe Beatles, The Ventures, The Animals, The Beau Brummels, The Rolling Stones, Chicago, Blues Image, Canned Heat, Cream, The Allman Brothers…
Local Bands, Approximate YearsThe Noblemen – 1964-66 – Ft Lauderdale
Sidewalk’s End – 1966-69 – Ft. Lauderdale
Axis – 1969-73 – Ft Lauderdale
Current HometownSandy Hook, Virginia
Current OccupationRetired
Current Musical InvolvementPlay at home, occasionally play for “While We Still Can” reunions in Ft. Lauderdale
Comments, HighlightsOpened for a number of national acts at the Ft. Lauderdale Armory
Played at the Williston Rock Festival north of Gainesville with Redbone and the New York Rock n’ Roll Ensemble
Opened for Ted Nugent at WPB Speedway
Jammed with Mike Pinera of Blues Image & Iron Butterfly