Charles Cook

60s-70s HometownWest Palm Beach
High SchoolForest Hill High
Main InstrumentBass Guitar, Vocalist
Other InstrumentsAcoustic Guitar
Early Influences 
Local Bands, Approximate YearsThe Chevelles: 1964-1967
The Monopoly: 1967-1969
Salad: 1970
Dalas Starr: 1971-1992
Last Starr: 1993
The Fog Band: 2011-current
Current HometownWest Palm Beach
Current OccupationMusician
Current Musical InvolvementBassist, Vocalist (The Fog Band), sound work
Comments, HighlightsOne of the longest running fixtures on the local cover band scene. Always tight bands with good vocal harmonies. Many of the top players in Palm Beach County passed through Dalas Starr over the years. Reunited with members of The Chevelles in 2011 to form the Fog Band (F.O.G. four old guys)