Bob Peckins

The following information contributed by Tom Preston:

Born 1939?
60s-70s Hometown Lantana
Main Instrument Bass
Early Influences 50s jazz, Prez, Trane, Miles, etc.
Local Bands, Approximate Years Bob and his sidekick (Al?) were journeymen jazz musicians, Al played drums. Probably union, and would get jobs to fill out a trio. maybe filled in with Paul Chafin in one of his incarnations. I met Bob in 1967 and he was doing it then thru the 70s.
Comments, Highlights Bob and I worked at Publix when we met, he was an old time 50s hipster from Buffalo. He had a tiny apartment back in the woods where the Lantana Library is now. We would go there for lunch and he would make Ballpark hotdogs and we would smoke some “tea”, and he would play records and school me in jazz. (That’s right shoppers, your bagboys were high in the 60s!) We worked at the Publix by the high school.