Bill Gulbrandsen

60s-70s Hometown Lantana, Boynton Beach
High School Lake Worth
Main Instrument Guitar
Other Instruments Keyboards, Bass
Early Influences Grand Funk Railroad, MC5, Steppenwolf, Black Sabbath, Cream, Iron Butterfly, Deep Purple
Local Bands, Approximate YearsMidnight Sun 1969-1970
Spectrum 1970-1971
Tarkus 1971-1973 
Current Hometown Longwood, FL
Current Occupation Consultant to Fire & Emergency Services
Current Musical Involvement Guitar Hobbyist
Comments, Highlights

 We played at the Boynton Beach Civic Center, Boynton Beach Jr. High (where Galaxy Elementary is) and the Palm Beach County Fair Battle of the Bands. The night of the Battle, we played after Scott Henderson and Harry Johnson‘s band. Guess who won. They were older, better players and better equipped. Our amps were weak, theirs went to “11”. Scott is big time. Duffy King our lead guitar is also big time somewhere in Michigan. Scott Henderson “Skeeter:, would still remember me as “Audition Man” for the dept store guitar I started on, while he had an SG. He taught me some stuff as did Duffy King. I stepped up to a Univox 335 copy that we bought at Chafin’s. I now have a real SG and a real 335. Later, in my late, late 30’s I bought a rebuilt Twin Rerverb from Paul Chafin.

In the 1990’s myself and Tom MacRae a Firefighter / Paramedic from Boynton Beach who rememberes my teen band days formed a retro band named “Flashover”. Four of the original members were Firefighters. We had some success in our 40’s as the great players from our High School Days (Scott Henderson, Duffy King,etc.) pursued Music as a Career and moved away into the big time. “Flashover” which included Donnie Wilson (guitar) and Bob Croft (lead vocals) were the other two guitarists. We played local venues in the 90’s, private parties, retirements, street fests, block parties and Civic Events but NEVER SunFest. We had other, more professional? musicians join in like Jimmy? (fantastic lead guitar), his son and others from time to time over our 3-4 yr. stint. Some called us a Novelty Band as most of us were Firefighters. Our drummer was Chris Corless, a natural talent, a Carpenter / Builder who lived across the street from a Firefighter. Local Musicians we looked up to took an interest in us and would come to our bookings. Locals at the time like Theresa Lindstrom (Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist), and Chuck Irwin “Buddha”, (Drummer / Persussionist) in several local bands from the 60’s& 70’s.