The White Owls

Approximate Years Active1984-2004
HometownWest Palm Beach
InfluencesXTC, Cure, Police, Clash, Byrds, Beatles, Stones, Animals, Kinks
Members and LineupsJim Kastner, Kevin Kaufman, George Anderson, Peter Trappen, Rick Rossano, Rik Rasmussen, Al Smith, Bruce Creamer, Mark Doyle
Venues PlayedThe 264 Club, Speakeasy, Waterway Cafe
Original SongsCircles In Her Eyes, Just Walk Away, Ancient Moon, Escape the Night, Flesh Parade
Recordings10 original songs recorded at New River Studios in Ft. Lauderdale 1987-88
Comments, Highlights, StoriesInterchanging members between The Dillengers, The Brooks Bros., and The Shivers bands.
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