The Renegades

Approximate Years Active1975-82
HometownBelle Glade FL, West Palm Beach FL
Members and LineupsGary Hooker, Tony White, James Stevenson, Richard Rossano, Steve Knight, Kevin Connell, Mike Rybovich, Rick Tucker, Barbra Thompson
Venues PlayedA Bit of Nostalgia, The Watershed, The Duchess, High Tide Lounge
Original Songs 
The Story, straight from Gary Hooker:Here is a little Renegades history…Remember the Magic Act? Military and Forest Hill. Renegades played there. Not as cool as Nostalgia or Watershed…We also were called Young Everett briefly in late ’77 when we played the late shift at The Duchess. Me, Tony, James Stevenson and Rossano. Last gig at the High Tide on New Years eve. I left on the train the next day to go play with Dave Loggins for 3 months. Also, the first version of the Renegades was called Glades Renegades. Formed Sept.’75. Me, Tony, Steve Knight, Kevin Connell (recently deceased) and Rybo. Most were from Belle Glade (I’m from Clewiston).
Steve had a cool rehearsal room in a warehouse off 45th. We would drive over from the Glades to rehearse there. First time I ever saw The Glass Brothers was at a battle of the bands at a skating rink off Military S of Lake Worth Road in ’75. the Glades Renegades played it that day as well…..
The Renegades, as most knew em started playin Nostalgia in Sept of ’78 where you opened for us. New Years Eve ’78 was a jam packed night. Preefers had us in tuxes. Were you there? I have some pics of that night….James was singing lead for us then but quit and we became a 4 piece. This lineup with Tucker lasted almost 2 years.
When Tony and Scott both left to go to GIT in early’80, we held a big going away party at The Watershed. RIP Richard (Duke) Bushman. We gave them the door for gas money to go to LA…..We became The Grenades after that: Peter Trappen, Barbra, Rossano, Tucker and me. After that I played briefly with John Whalen until I moved to Nashville for good in early ’82 to work for Gary Morris. There ya have it.