The American Beetles

Approximate Years Active1964-66
Members and LineupsBill Ande: guitar
Tom Condra: guitar
Vic Gray: bass
Dave Hieronymous: drums
Venues Played 
Original Songs 
RecordingsHey Hey Girl

Say You Do
Don’t Be Unkind
Comments, Highlights, StoriesFormerly The Ardells, 1959-64;
Appeared on American Bandstand June 20, 1964
Toured South America, Summer 1964
Became The Razor’s Edge in 1966


From Ron Pritchard, August 6, 2018:

The American Beetles was formed in 1964 due to the success of the British Beatles. Before becoming the AMERICAN BEETLES they were a band out of Palm Beach County, Florida called the R-DELLS (later changed to the ARDELLS). The R-DELLS, later ARDELLS, were a popular local band from 1959 to 1964.

The original recording of “YOU KNOW BABY” was on the DADE label. Later recordings of “YOU KNOW BABY” were on the ROULETTE label. The DADE label of “YOU KNOW BABY is very scarce.

In the summer of 1964 the AMERICAN BEETLES appeared on American Bandstand and later toured South America.

When I was affiliated with radio station ZFB in Bermuda in late 1964 to early 1965 I had the pleasure of meeting the AMERICAN BEETLES and introducing them at a popular nightclub on Front Street, Hamilton, Bermuda. They were great guys and we started talking about their early work. They told me they used to be R-DELLS. I exclaimed “I have your record”. They said “so you’re the one”.

I went home on Christmas leave and returned with their R-DELLS record “YOU KNOW BABY”. They were blown away and surprised to see that I had the original recording on DADE RECORDS.

They were very talented musicians and very popular in Bermuda.

In 1966 The AMERICAN BEETLES changed names and became the RAZOR’S EDGE.