Steaming Hot

Approximate Years Active1972-1974
HometownWest Palm Beach
InfluencesCream, Black Sabbath, Grand Funk Railroad, Zeppelin, Zappa, Return to Forever
Members and LineupsDrums & vocals: Steve Montgomery
Bass: Doug Smith
Guitar & vocals: Pat Louden
Venues PlayedMonkey Barrel, Jay’s Odyssey Room, Sugarland Auditorium-Clewision , Forest Hill High School
Original SongsThe Man I really Am
My Baby’s N Heat
Comments, Highlights, StoriesWe played at the Monkey Barrel for almost a year straight. We had a huge silk American Flag behind the band that I brought back from Nam that came off of my ship. We put Christmas lights behind it. I had a plastic Esso tiger head on top of my amp that also lit up. We thought it was way cool. Disco was coming in and we were doing the power trio Rock thing. We weren’t too crazy about Disco, so we started incorporating tunes like Machine Gun, Jungle Boogie, and Cool and the Gang stuff; which started filling the place with African Americans- that made the owner start to get nervous. We were asked to move on after that.