Southside Boogie Band

Approximate Years Active1974
HometownLake Worth
InfluencesAllman Bros., Steely Dan, Jeff Beck, Wishbone Ash, the Doors
Members and LineupsJeff Chafin, Scott Henderson – Guitars
Chuck Glass – Bass, Vocals
Fred “Beetle” Bailey – Keyboards
Harry Johnson – Drums
Bob Newman – Vocals and harmonica.
Venues Played11-18- 1973: North County Community Services Project, 2nd annual Evening Music,
Arts and Crafts Show, with Southside Boogie Band, Goat, Courage, Rainbow, Josiah Lily, and more.
1974: Stein House 
Original Songs 
Comments, Highlights, Stories

Southside Boogie Band was a short-lived cover band with a lineup that included some of the best rock players in Lake worth, most of whom continued on to successful careers in the music business.

Scott Henderson relocated to Los Angeles and became a teacher at G.I.T. and formed the band Tribal Tech. Also played and recorded with a number of top jazz players including Chick Corea and Jeff Berlin.

Jeff Chafin, and wife Sue, took over Chafin’s Music store, and he continued playing guitar in local rock and jazz groups including the Copeland Davis Band.

Chuck Glass formed The Glass Brothers Band, and then joined The Outlaws playing bass, keyboards and writing songs. After that he relocated to Nashville to work with Gary Morris and others. He also has written and released 7 solo CDs.

Harry Johnson played in a number of successful local pop and jazz bands and taught many up-and-coming young drummers in the area.

Fred Bailey continued playing locally including a long stint with singer Theresa Lindstrom and T. C. Blue.

Bob Newman continued with the SSBB name for a while and also played in the Sweet Tooth Band with Norman Kahl in 1978, and Spur of the Moment in 1982.