Peter Trappen & Co.

Approximate Years Active1978-1981
HometownWest Palm Beach
InfluencesJackson Brown, Doc Watson, James Taylor, Jim Croce, Eagles, Tom Rush, The Band, David Alan Coe, Marshall Tucker
Members and LineupsPeter Trappen, Keith Rothchild, Kevin Kaufman, Rick Rosanno, Barbra Thompson
Venues PlayedThe Gathering, The Greenhouse, The Watershed, New World Pub
Original SongsMa Nat’s Wine, Louisiana Lady, Train Bring My Baby Home, Going My Way
Recordings4 song demo at Criteria Studios, Miami
Comments, Highlights, Stories(from Peter:) Keith and I met at the Greenhouse in 1978, auditioned for the Gathering and worked continuously for 3 years. Keith was a monster guitarist playing Doc Watson flat picking style as well as finger picking James Taylor songs to perfection. Keith didn’t want his name advertised so they went with “and company”. We were approached by a couple of producers but things didn’t work out. The house gig at the Gathering Restaurant on Okeechobee Blvd. was 5-6 nights a week for 4 years running. An acoustic-based show with friends sitting in quite often.