Peace & Quiet

Approximate Years Active1971-
HometownWest Palm Beach, Miami
Members and LineupsLineup 1 (May have been called “The Bad Boys”)
Jim Tolliver: Bass
Brad Peed: Lead Guitar
Rick Steele: Vocals
Steve Hatch: Drums
Rueben David Ferguson: Keyboards
Lineup 2 (Recorded Peace & Quiet album)
Roger Pavlica: Guitar
Rick Steele: Vocals
Chuck Witherow: Keyboards, Vocals
Jim Tolliver: Bass, Vocals
Gregg Williams: Drums
Rick Steele: vocals
Chris Leuzinger: guitar
Tommy Haley: B3
Spady Brannan: bass
Steve Krawczyn: drums
Still Later:
Rick Steele: vocals
Vic Mastriani: drums
Ric Glass: guitar
Rocky Henning: bass
Nashville version:
Chris Leuzinger: guitar
Spady Brannan: bass
Steve Krawczyn: drums
Dwight Scott: keyboards
Venues Played 
Original SongsCBS self-titled album – 1971
1. You Can Wait Till Tomorrow (Jim Tolliver) 3:10
2. Margo’s Leaving Song (Jim Tolliver-Rick Steele) 7:44
3. Country Thing (Pavlica-Steele-Tolliver-Witherow-Williams) 7:44
4. Hear My Love (Tolliver-Witherow) 6:12
5. Black Mountain (Pavlica-Steele) 3:39
6. Looney Tunes (instrumental, Pavlica-Steele-Tolliver-Williams-Witherow) 8:05
Recordings“Peace & Quiet” self-titled album. CBS Records
(Copies can still be found on Discogs
Dead Dog in the Road
Comments, Highlights, StoriesUnusually talented group of musicians played in Peace & Quiet over the years. Rick Steele was one of the best voices to ever come out of Florida rock. And he definitely brought new meaning to the word character….Oh, the stories they could tell…
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