The Marshall Grant Orchestra

Approximate Years Active1956-1990s
HometownWest Hartford CT, Palm Beach FL
Members and Lineups(Partial list, approximate years.):
Marshal Grant: pianist, bandleader
Bruce Brown, sax, 1972
Bunny Carfagno: trumpet, 1981
Reed Daniels: vocals, 1987
Bobby Haines: keyboards, vocals, 1976-77
Dr. John Hutchcroft: trombone, 1981
Bucky Lester: trombone, 1981
Rich Mirabilio: guitar, early 70s
Rick Lustig: drums, 1972
Mike Burns, early 70s
Paul Maggersappe: saxophone, clarinet, flute
Sharon Monschein: vocalist, 1978
Paul Ricci: alto sax, clarinet, 1981
Ron Reilly: guitar, 1977
Steve Salo: drums
Don Samasian: tenor sax
Bob Schuster: guitar, vocals
Paul Voltaire: trombone, 1981
Cameron Grant
Venues PlayedCasablanca, 1956 (North County Rd.)
Jim Peterson’s Taboo, Worth Ave., 1962 (4½ year stint)
Marshall Grants Restaurant, 265 Royal Poinciana Way, 1968
Royal Poinciana Playhouse
The Breakers
Disney World
West Palm Beach Auditorium
The Ed Sullivan Show (as a trio)
Original Songs 
Comments, Highlights, StoriesMotto: “Have Tux, will travel”. Marshall Grant was a native of West Hartford, CT. Over the years he backed artists such as Jackie Gleason, Bob Hope, Barbara Striesand, and Liberace. The band traveled extensively. A March 4, 1988 performance at The Breakers, marked his 10,000th performance. Marshall Grant passed away Sept. 6, 1994.