Approximate Years Active1971- 1974
HometownBrooklyn NY, Baltimore MD, West Palm Beach FL
InfluencesYes, King Crimson, The Beatles
Members and LineupsJames Crockett: Guitars, Lead vocals
Robert “Bobby” Albert: Guitars, Background vocals
Barry Kandel: Bass, Background vocals
Dennis Simmons: Hammond organ, Rhodes piano, Moog synthesizer & Mellotron
Gary Simmons: Drums
Larry Brixner: Manager, audio engineer
Venues PlayedNeal’s Nightclub, Big Daddy’s Lounges, The Button, The Flying Machine, The She
South Florida movie theaters circuit, Performed in Fantasma Productions’ First Annual Palm Beach Music & Art Festival (11/10/72) in WPB, which included performances by Quicksilver Messenger Service, Canned Heat, The Chambers Brothers, Bob Seger, Renaissance, Gravel, Hellstrom (local), and John Bailey Group (local), Midwest US nightclub tour, Clemson University
Original SongsComposed score and starred in Florida film Old Time Religion (1970 or 71)
Composed and recorded advertising jingle for Merry-Go-Round stores (1971)
Comments, Highlights, StoriesFormed in 1971 by James Crockett and Robert “Bobby” Albert at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Bassist, Barry Kandel, moved from Baltimore to NY in 1971 to join the duo after meeting Crockett at a Baltimore clothing boutique called Merry-Go-Round, where they both worked while Crockett was there for summer break. Later (that year?) the group migrated to Baltimore where they met and recruited Larry Brixner. The group added a drummer and a keyboardist while living in Baltimore, changing their repertoire from an acoustic guitar sound to a full-on, electric rock band. After six months the original trio of James, Bobby and Barry, along with Larry Brixner, migrated to Lake Worth, Florida where they enlisted Dennis Simmons on keyboards and drummer Jim Miller, who was later replaced by Gary Simmons.
Lookout were regular performers, sharing house band status with Dalas Starr at Neal’s nightclub on Olive Avenue in downtown West Palm Beach, where City Hall now stands. Neal’s was owned by scuba diving legend Neal Watson, who became the band’s manager, and later went on to establish Neal Watson’s Undersea Adventures, a diving school and multi-national resort in Bahamas, Belize, Mexico, and St. Lucia that still operates to this day. Watson introduced the band to booking agent, Jon Stoll, and Lookout became one of the first bands, along with Dalas Starr, represented by Stoll’s Fantasma Productions, which went on to become the preeminent booking and concert promotion company in the Southeast US, until Stoll’s untimely death in 2008.
Lookout composed and performed original rock music along with popular cover songs. One of their musical influences was the British group Yes, so Lookout‘s songs and stage shows incorporated many theatrical elements. The group was known for decorating their stage each night in a different theme, such as tin foil, balloons, crepe paper or tropical palm fronds.
The band dissolved around 1974. Bobby Albert went on to join Dalas Starr as guitarist. James Crockett and Dennis Simmons later joined forces to form Night & Day, a very successful pop duo that enjoyed a 20-year run. Gary Simmons continued to play drums with various local bands. Barry Kandel and Larry Brixner entered the business world and retired from performing.