Approximate Years Active1968-1973
HometownLantana FL
InfluencesCreedence, Doors, Beatles, Grand Funk
Members and LineupsOriginal Members:
Mike VanDenburgh – organ
Danny Dwyer – vocals, guitar
Mark Anthony – drums
Ron Morgan – bass
Fred Todd – Guitar
Dave Burns – Guitar
Brook Blackburn – Guitar
Ray Farese – Guitar
Rick Ledbetter – Drums
Harris Johnson – Drums
Venues PlayedSouth Florida Fair – Battle of the Bands, several school Sweetheart Dances, Richard’s Rock-Out, Lake Park Rock Festival, He & She Scene, Stein Haus East
Original Songs 
Comments, Highlights, StoriesOriginally called “The Ventures of Evil”, then “Graveyard Train”, we finally settled with Krystal. From 1968-1973, Krystal ran with several different members over the years. The final line up of Brook, Ron, Harry and Mike was the best IMO.
In 1972 we played the South Florida Fair and got into the finals. Brook broke a string 1/2 way through our set and it all fell apart. We still came in 3rd place.
Women finally broke up the band. Hell, they broke up every band, am I right??! HAHA. We had our fun!