The Jokers Wild

Approximate Years Active1967-1978
HometownWest Palm Beach
InfluencesCountry music
Members and LineupsJerry Johnson: piano
Fred Veitch: steel guitar, fiddle
Duane Wilson: rythym guitar, vocals
(Ken Wilson?)
Bobby Ciceroni: drums
Ray Jones: bass guitar, vocals
Venues PlayedKandy Bar, 1967-1969
He & She Scene 1971
Chances R Lounge II, mid 70s
Noll’s Lounge, Riviera Beach, 1978
Original Songs“I’ve Been Drinkin’ About You”, by Barry Grant, Program Director for WIRK
“Here Comes the Pain Again”
“(Excuse me, is this the Right) Road to Nashville”
Comments, Highlights, StoriesJerry Johnson and The Jokers Wild were a country band based in West Palm Beach with members from W.P.B, Syracuse, Atlanta, New York, St. Louis and Boston. Jerry Johnson and the band found steady work at the Chances R Lounge II in the mid 70s.  At that time, the band was raising money for a trip to Nashville to record the above songs and others. Jerry’s wife Claudia later became the bar manager. P.B. Post 9-1-1978