Approximate Years Active1974-75
HometownWinston-Salem NC & West Palm Beach FL
InfluencesSteely Dan, Stevie Wonder, Little Feat
Members and LineupsOriginal (NC):
Ric Glass: Guitars, vocals
Ed Dodson: Guitars, vocals
Rocky Henning: Bass
Kenny ?: Drums
Later (FL):
Ric Glass: Guitars, vocals
Rocky Henning: Bass
Chuck Glass: Guitars, vocals
Rick Tucker: Drums
Steve George: Lead vocals
Venues PlayedVarious Winston-Salem spots, Dante’s Den, Pink Pussycat
Original Songs 
Comments, Highlights, StoriesFormed in Winston-Salem NC with two NC guys and two FL guys, played a few local clubs, bars and private gigs before heading back to Florida. Added a few new recruits and more of the same here in Palm Beach County. Had some good times at Dante’s Den in Briny Breezes