Approximate Years Active1972
HometownRiviera Beach
Members and LineupsJim Hogan: keyboards, Vocals, songwriter
Gary Baranovich: bass and vocals
Chris Peak: drums
Venues PlayedNeal’s, Lake Park Rock and Crafts Festival, The Monkey Barrel , 2-day North County Music and Arts Fest, 1973 with Josiah Lilly, Red Fox, Rainbow, Courage,and South Side Boogie Band
Original Songs 
Comments, Highlights, Stories

Goat was a really good original, progressive rock trio. Jim Hogan was a true original. The band didn’t last long, but Hogan continued performing for years around Palm Beach County as a solo act. Gary Baranovich was also the singer for the band “Psychedelic Soul”.

The Palm Beach Post’s Dan Geringer reviewed “Goat” after the 1972 Lake Park Rock and Crafts Fest. “A group called “Goat” comes out of nowhere with an amazing moog-and-piano hand-jiver named Jim Hogan bouncing non-stop riffs off of Chris Peaks do good drumming, and Gary Boranavich’s talking bass.” (Gary Baranovich passed away on July 13, 2005.)