Dry Rain

Approximate Years Active1968-1971
HometownWest Palm Beach, Lake Park, Lake Worth, Riviera Beach
InfluencesBeatles, Ginger Baker, Pink Floyd, Motown, Buffalo Springfield, Joe Cocker, Kinks, Doors, Neil Diamond
Members and LineupsOriginal Founder ’68: Hap Stevens (drums, percussion, vocals), Steve Taylor (lead vocals), Kirk Day (bass & brass), Gary Reckamp (rythym guitar) , Jack Whipple (lead guitar)
Later ’69: John Occhipinti ( keyboards & brass) Paul Gentry (bass) replaced Kirk Day, Gary Reckamp moved to lead guitar. Kevin Griffin (lead vocals) replaced Steve Taylor. Joe Aponte (added vocals)
Venues PlayedWinners of 1969 South Florida Battle of the Bands, Music Caster, Teen Prom Fashion Show Palm Beach Mall, On Tour up the East Coast of Florida to Carolinas.
National Television for Teen Beauty Pageant
all High Schools in Palm Beach County
Atlanta Pop Festival
Trude Heller’s Patio in Palm Beach
John Prince Park
Rosarian Academy
Fraternity and Sorority parties
Miami Beach
Private parties at Sinclair Estate
Gilbert Toys estate
Original Songs 
Comments, Highlights, StoriesPlayed on a yacht for an evening fraternity/sorority party cruising up and down the intracoastal off Palm Beach, had to reduce our band equipment due to power issues and had to chain my drums down since the water was choppy.
Played in Indiantown at a dance, went outside by myself to get a new drum stick out of vehicle and was approached by 3 guys with knives, said they were going to cut my hair…..a few minutes later the whole band came out looking for me and that scared off the sure enough rednecks at that time and got to keep my hair.