The Decker Brothers

Approximate Years Active1965-77
HometownPeru, IN
InfluencesEverly Brothers, Elvis, Buddy Holly, George Jones, Wilson Picket, James Brown, Buck Owens, Conway Twitty, and Waylon Jennings
Members and LineupsTeddy Decker, Buddy Decker and various drummers
Venues PlayedPalm Beach Auditorium, Paramount Theater, Palm Beach Breakers, Cock & Bull Lounge, Black Rooster Lounge, Palm Beach Fair Grounds, various Moose and VA Clubs, and featured band for seven years (1970 to 1977 at the Tiger’s Paw Lounge in West Palm Beach
Original SongsLove Is Going to Get You
Stood Me Up Again for The Last Time
Good Morning Love
RecordingsLet It Die Easy
Love is Going to Get You
Stood Me Up Again For The Last Time
Watch Out Woman
Good morning Love
Comments, Highlights, StoriesPlayed with Mac Davis, Slim Whitman; Opening band for The Earl Scruggs Review at The Palm Beach Speedway, Burt Reynolds Jupiter Ranch Opening with guests Dinah Shore, Lee Majors, Robert Fuller