Approximate Years Active1969-1973
HometownFt Lauderdale FL
InfluencesSantana, Chicago, Blues Image, various blues artists
Members and LineupsPete Trias: lead guitar, backing vocals
Paul “Bugz” Bugnacki: rhythm & double lead guitar, backing vocals
George “Leapin'” Lang: lead vocals, congas
Craig Reid: bass guitar, backing vocals
Kirby Thomas: drums
Venues PlayedIn WPB & PB: The Gipper, The Kandy Bar, The Purity, W.P.B Speedway, opening for Ted Nugent
In Broward Co.: The She, The Flying Machine, The Button, Ft. Laud. Beach – Spring Break, various high schools, private parties
Original SongsEvelyn
What Good Is Dreaming
Love Is A Game
What Good Is Dreaming
Love Is A Game
Comments, Highlights, StoriesPlayed a rock festival in Williston, FL, near Gainesville before 20,000 people with Redbond & The New York Rock N’ Roll Ensemble, Opened for Ted Nugent at WPB Speedway before 10,000 people along with the Mike Quatro Jam Band
Jammed with Mike Pinera from Blues Image & Iron Butterfly at The Flying Machine and at The She both in Ft. Lauderdale