21st Establishment

Approximate Years Active1966-1969
HometownWest Palm Beach
InfluencesJimi Hendrix Experience, Cream, Doors, Steppenwolf
Members and LineupsMark Blount – Guitar
Ed Castillo – Keyboards
Bob (B.C.) Collins – Drums, Vocal
Jeff Curtis – Vocal, Bass
Jim (J.R.) Russell – Bass, Vocal
Venues PlayedVarious high schools, junior high schools, and community centers in Palm Beach County
Original Songs 
Comments, Highlights, StoriesThe 21st Establishment focused on playing harder rock and acid rock songs than most other local bands who mostly played Top 40 songs that allowed audiences to dance. Audiences usually spent more time standing close to the stage and watching the 21st Establishment play along with its occasional pyrotechnics. (In 1965, Curtis and Russell formed what later became the New Creations with Ron Wills and Mike Diehl.)