Ric Glass

60s-70s HometownLantana
High SchoolLake Worth
Main InstrumentGuitar
Other InstrumentsBass
Early InfluencesVentures, Beatles, Clapton, Allmans, Eagles, Hendrix
Local Bands, Approximate YearsWorld of Sounds, Velvets, Revolution - late 60s, early 70s; Rude Awakening, Sneaky Pete, Hard Road, Peace & Quiet, Gringo - mid 70s. Single act - 1975-2000.
Current HometownLake Clarke Shores FL
Current OccupationWeb Developer
Current Musical Involvement"Retired" from 6 nights/week solo gig in 2001, and I do miss it once in a while. I occasionally pick up my acoustic guitar and play a little something for my dog. He likes up-tempo stuff in A. My latest pursuit is playing bass and singing in a local combo called "The Late Bloomers Band".
Comments, HighlightsSo many good times - from weekend nights at the Legion Hall & Music Caster watching and learning from local heroes like Fred Schwenk, Brian Rich, Chris Leuzinger & Richie Mirabilio; growing up and playing with my brothers, Chuck & Jim, to being able to make a good living and have a lot of fun with my single act. I love it all.

2 thoughts on “Ric Glass

  1. I knew Les Davis and Steve George. I see you don’t list the Lake Worth Legion Hall as a venue but it has small bands too and stuff for teens. I took a girl there once it was small but fun. The Catholic School on Dixie Hwy near 45th street used to host the Allman Brothers too. I remember seeing that bunch for a buck – hahaha – i am old – no – wait I am ancient. Gary Rice

  2. Listened to Ric and occasionally Chuck with many other great bands like Misbehaven at Sneakers Bar & Grille and later at Mike & Co. What great times were had by ALL…
    Many local Bands played for Mike & Beamon, even touring bands would show up ! Those were some special times circa 1986 thru 1993

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