Harris (Harry) Johnson

60s-70s HometownLake Worth
High SchoolLake Worth High
Main InstrumentDrums
Other Instruments 
Early Influences 
Local Bands, Approximate YearsPulse, Fireball, Krystal, Hampton, Southside Boogie Band, Paradise,
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2 thoughts on “Harris (Harry) Johnson

  1. Harry was born in Lake Worth in December 1953, and lived on H Street, off and on, his entire life. He graduated from Lake Worth High in 1972, in the same class as me and Scott Henderson. His first band was the original Pulse, with Scott Henderson and John Schaffer. They played a couple gigs at a teen club in Lake Worth called Inscape. Harry was influenced by a lot of the hard rock of the era, including Cream, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Grand Funk Railroad, Blue Cheer and Deep Purple. In addition to those already listed, Harry played in Southside Boogie Band, with Scott, Jeff Chafin, Bob Newman, Beetle Bailey, and Chuck Glass. They splintered off into various versions of Pulse, featuring Harry, Scott, and either Rocky Henning or Donny Dawson on bass. When Bob Newman left, they remained a trio, playing guitar trio versions of Chick Corea’s ‘Spain’ and lots of Jeff Beck. Harry contributed a notable countrified original, ‘Cold Showers’, that was usually mashed up, comically with Mahavishnu’s ‘Birds of Fire’. Harry had a large white double bass drum set at the time, reflecting his Billy Cobham influence.
    Harry never played in Pure Hell, although he once did a contentious audition with them. Harry remained in the Lake Worth area for the rest of his life, playing in various combo’s, working at Chafin Music Center, and doing private teaching. As a recovering alcoholic/substance abuser, he served as sponsor and mentor to countless men and women in the area. In addition to his fine drumming, Harry was well known for his rollicking sense of humor, and his unwavering friendship.
    Harry passed away in the late 1990’s, suffering a stroke following esophageal cancer surgery. He is greatly missed.

  2. Donovan,
    We all appreciate the insight into a talented, funny, amazing musician and human being. He was always true to himself. I really miss him. We could use a few more Harry Johnsons in this world. Thank you – Ric Glass.

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