Happy Stevens

60s-70s HometownWest Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Lake Park, Jupiter
High SchoolRiviera Beach, Suncoast
Main InstrumentDouble bass drums
Other Instrumentscongas, bongos, percussion, vocals
Early InfluencesBeatles, Moody Blues, Kinks, Mountain, Chambers Brothers, Stones, Pink Floyd
Local Bands, Approximate YearsWeed Seeds 1966-67
Dry Rain 1968-72
Courage 1972-73
Current HometownAlabama
Current Occupation 
Current Musical Involvement 
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12 thoughts on “Happy Stevens

  1. In the late 60s, I lived around the block from Happy in Lake Park, Fl. I was in the school band with Kirk Day. I saw them rehearse and perform many times, two musicians I looked up to. If you look closely you will see a chain from the bass drum. It goes around the throne and to the other bass drum to keep them from “crawling”. To me, that was a revelation!

  2. I think every girl at RBHS wanted a ride in your YELLOW JAG…what and where are you doing? I see metcalf and laessig every now and then…see ya. W

  3. Hey Warren, believe it or not, only 5 girls ever rode in the jag. I totalled it in 69. Was wild and crazy back in the day, now mellowed and enjoying being married for 40yrs and a granddad. My cousin Dana Stevens is still playing in venues all over Florida. Hope you are doing well.

    • Jan, I do remember all of us kids in Lake Park having tons of fun! It was a nice place to live as a teenager. Fun and safe. I have gone to Google Earth and zoomed in on our old neighborhood. Not sure how safe it is anymore. Good to hear from you Jan.

  4. Happy: So nice to hear from you. I have been wondering what you were up to, especially when I go the RBHS webpage. Many fond memories, especially the trip to Virginia Beach in your Jag. Dickie Goldstein and I sat in the back seat!! Can you believe that? Thanks for sending these links. I used to have a picture of the Weed Seeds but lost it. Now I can show my wife Eileen (married 24 years) and son Michael (soon to be 21) that I was in a rock bank way back then. Love to hear more about what you have been doing. And do you have any idea where Dickie is? Bill

  5. Bill: Great to hear from you well. I to have fond memories us jamming, surfing and our trip to Virginia Beach. I will message you soon on RBHS page. Not sure about our good friend Dickie, seems that I recall hearing that he passed away in the late 70’s from cancer but cannot verify.

  6. I remember you Happy. High school at RBHS. I think we also “hung out” for a bit later on in 70′, 71′. You were a year younger than me and you were working for a landscaper. Nice to hear that you have had a wonderful life.

  7. Seeing this link and post brings back memories and names from the past. We were all kind of crazy in those days. I left the area in 1970 and never moved back myself. But I’ve been all over the country, (now settling in the western PA area) and many countries around the world as well. Good memories of Lake Park and going to school there. It was a good town to grow up. Not so much anymore and most of the roads leading to Silver Beach Road had to be blocked to thru traffic because of trouble and crime. Riviera Beach went down hill badly. Loved being able to go to the beach after school anytime we wanted. Music Casters – now that is a name from the past. Nice to remember!

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