The Monopoly

Approximate Years Active1966-1969?
HometownWest Palm Beach FL
Members and LineupsOriginal:
Charles Cook: bass, vocals
Chris Leuzinger: guitar
John Kaywell: guitar
Dennis Mulvihill: drums
Rich Mirabilio: guitar, vocals
Art Groom: B3, vocals
Tommy Roberts: drums
Venues PlayedMusic Caster
Original SongsThere's Gotta Be Some Good Times
Shame, Shame, Shame
RecordingsThere's Gotta Be Some Good Times

Shame, Shame, Shame
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1 thought on “The Monopoly

  1. I remember this band, They were the best. Dry Rain was good too but Monopoly was best. They played request and their covers were super tight. This brings back memories from The Music Casters. We just called it Casters. I was a regular for a couple of years and remember the move. I was astonished they moved. I took my girl to the new Casters but even with the lake it just didn’t do it for me and the drive was just too far. I married my wife who I met at Casters while Monopoly played. Loved their rendition of Cream. Well enough from me. Gary Rice here from WPB. Some great memories for sure.

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