Razor’s Edge

Approximate Years Active1960s
HometownPalm Beach County
Members and LineupsBill Ande: Lead Guitar,
Tom Condra: Rhythm Guitar
Jim Tolliver: Bass
Dave Hieronymous: Drums
Venues Played 
Original Songs 
RecordingsLet's Call it a Day Girl, written by Irwin Levine and Neil Sheppard. (Levine later cowrote "Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'round the Old Oak Tree" with Russell Brown.)
Don't Let Me Catch You in His Arms
Comments, Highlights, StoriesOriginally gigged in Palm Beach County as The R-Dells. Later renamed "The American Beatles" and toured South America. Then went to New York and worked with Producer Bob Yorey on the record. (Info from www.discogs.com, and Bill Ande's website, www.billande.com )


2 thoughts on “Razor’s Edge

  1. On the Razor’s Edge, i do know that Jim Tolliver and Rick Steele were also in this group. i ran in to Rick Steele around 72-73 and they had just broken up and Rick Steele auditioned with Dry Rain although never came aboard. I do know that they had an album, I had the album for awhile but ended up selling it.

  2. Ric, please dis-regard the previuos email about Razor’s edge, I was thinking of Peace&Quite. i ran into Ric after Peace & Quite not Razor’s edge.
    it’s heck getting old and memories crossed up.

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