Max Straw Band

Approximate Years Active1970s through 2005
HometownRiviera and North Palm Beach
Members and LineupsKent Maxwell: Lead Guitar/Vocals
Bob Maxwell: Drums
Don Socorso: Bass
Ron Okolichany: Guitar
Venues PlayedBars, Restaurants, Weddings, Parties and events throughout Palm Beach County
Original SongsPalm Beach, Palm Beach
Dry Rain
Islamorada Feeling
Don't Hurt The Children
Recordings(Search "Kent Maxwell" on YouTube)
Comments, Highlights, StoriesKent passed away in May of 2005.
(Search "Kent Maxwell" on YouTube for videos)


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  1. Kent Maxwell also had a “hard rock” band called Streetwise for a short stint in the early 1970’s. They released an album that was available locally. Songs: “Square Peg”, “Lovelight”, etc. Kent was a very talented musician!

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