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Approximate Years Active1973-1975
HometownJupiter FL
InfluencesDoobie Brothers, Pink Floyd, Allman Brothers, Moody Blues, Johnny and Edgar Winter
Members and LineupsOriginal:
Dana Stevens – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Happy Stevens – Percussion, Vocals
Sam Beck – Drums
Mark Brown – Guitar, Sax, Vocals
Bill Cardullo – Bass
Later: Sam Beck, Mark Brown, Bill Cardullo, John Fitzgerald (Guitar, Vocals), Mike Fuller (lead singer)
Still later: Sam Beck, Mark Brown, Bill Cardullo, Danny Moon (guitar), and Mike Curry (Lead singer)
(Larry Thorne practiced with us but was only a short while and he never played in a club with us that I can remember.)
Venues PlayedFAU, Music Caster, Steinhaus, Bacchus House, Cock & Bull, 3 Jays, Flying Dutchman (Charleston), Dante’s Den, Pink Pussycat
Freddie’s (Ft. Myers) Big Daddy’s (Jacksonville) Henry’s (Stuart)
Original Songs
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