Cat Sass

Approximate Years Active1971-73
HometownPalm Beach County FL
InfluencesAllman Brothers, Moody Blues,
Members and LineupsJim Seagraves: vocals, guitar
Jeff Halle: drums
Dave Beasley: vocals, bass
Andy Jezowski: lead vocals
Drew Hansen: Hammond B3
Bobby Haines: lead vocals, Wurlitzer electric piano
Venues PlayedHe & She Scene, John Prince Park, Captain Alex, The Playhouse,
Original SongsCelia, Morning Drew
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3 thoughts on “Cat Sass

  1. For over 20 years I spoke about your band that I heard at the He & She. I don’t know how long you guys stayed together, but you had a great sound and the lead singer had great charisma. I remember he walked on the bar during a song. I was a music scene buff so not many people I spoke to you remembered the name. I think 1972 was the last time I saw you at He & She. Do you have an CDs made from cassettes?

    • Jeff, sometimes when I throw my line out I never know if I’m going to catch anything! What a surprise it was to get a reply. I recently brought Cat Sass into a conversation while out to lunch, again no one recognized the name, nor had ever heard of He & She. I guess they are just too young to remember.

      Very surprised a few of you are still local. Thanks for uploading your songs on youtube, as soon as I played the first song I remembered Andy’s voice. He could have been a contender on American Idol without a doubt. I don’t know how long he’s owned the Blue Boar but I frequented that place several times over the years including the night Mick Jagger and a few of the Stones showed up.

      Thanks again for the songs.
      Tracey K.

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