Aberdeen Rockfish Railroad

Approximate Years Activemid 70s to 80s
HometownVero Beach and Ft Pierce
InfluencesEagles, Flying Burrito Bros., Marshall Tucker Band, Charlie Daniels Band, Merle Haggard and countless others
Members and LineupsDon Coleman: Vocals, Fiddle and Pedal Steel Guitar
Daryl Dawson: Bass & Vocals
Ralph Profetta: Banjo & Vocals
Bob Melton: Vocals & lead guitar
Chris Casses: Guitar, Mandolin
Larry Munson: Drums
Gerald Stewart: Drums
Gary Brown: Drums
Venues PlayedFt Pierce, Vero Beach, Sebastian, Palm Beach, River Ranch Resort +++
Original Songs 
Comments, Highlights, StoriesOne of the best cover bands in Florida during that time period!!!


9 thoughts on “Aberdeen Rockfish Railroad

  1. I knew this band very well. I took many photos of them while they played (mainly in Ft. Pierce) and also in Vero Beach over a period of several years. I remember when they went to Nashville with Gary Stewart and we all hoped a record deal would come of it, but to no avail. They were all so talented – I really miss their concerts and wish I could have recorded them. Don’t know what ever became of the band. I moved out west to a new adventure. They covered several songs of the country-rock variety and were very popular in the70’s and 80’s.
    Don Coleman was my inspiration to learn the fiddle and dobro and I wish there were more bands like them around today to enjoy!

  2. I loved these guys! Use to go see them in Vero whenever they played. I dated the drummer a few times! Love the Corner Bar poster ;O))

  3. Hi Ric
    Would you have an email address for either Don Coleman or Ralph Profetta – or would you be able to forward on email from me to them?
    Jonothan Cullinane
    Auckland, New Zealand

  4. During the time I played with this band we had two drummers. The first one we hired was right after Gary Stewart hired us to be his road band and his name was Larry Munson. He only went in our first short tour and played on some sessions with us at Bardley’s Barn in Nashville. The drummer who played with us until we quit touring with Gary was his little brother Gerald Stewart. Chris Casses (not Cases) was our other guitar player and also played mandolin.

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