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Ric Glass about 1965I was born in 1950 in North Carolina, moved to Boynton Beach in 1958, then Lantana in 1961.

At about 14, my friend Jack Kasmer was over and picked up my sister's Harmony acoustic guitar and began playing a Ventures song. I was fascinated and begged him to show me how to play it. He taught me the classic licks to Wipeout and Pipeline. I was on my way!

Then came The Beatles. A few of their songs were simple enough to pick up pretty quickly, and they were fun to play. Even better, I figured out that you didn't have to play football to get girls. I had found my groove!

I took the normal route from getting my chords and licks down, to playing in a few garage bands with occassional weekend gigs, then to club bands in Palm Beach County and in Atlanta and North Carolina. All the while I remember being inspired and overwhelmed by the incredible talent of the time: Clapton, Hendrix, Allman, Santana, Page, Beck, etc. It was a great time to be a guitar player!

In 1975 I decided to put together a single act so I could play pretty much what and where I pleased. I had a lot of fun with it through 2000 when I decided that I needed a break. I even produced a CD of original tunes in 1998. I have since sold much of my gear, but still hang on to my D-35, which I pull down and play for my dog, Wrigley, every now and then.

I look back now and realize that music gave me some of the best times and most fun of my life. This project is all about putting all of those memories in one place and realizing that this area produced a wealth of talent and music that we all should be very proud of.

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  1. I was married to Cliff Penn and miss him dearly. We were married back in the early days although we had separated and moved on we remained close friends. I will always remember how he played the guitar. He was amazing.

  2. Hi Ric,
    The first time my husband and I saw you we were at A Bit of Nostalgia Restaurant in Lantana in the early 70’s. We have always loved your music. In fact you performed at my daughter’s wedding on May 16, 2001.
    You were so great one wanted you to quit playing. During the years we have seen you play many time.

    Hope all is well with you and your family. Boy do we ever miss those days.

    Diane and John

  3. Hi Rick. My name is Dayna Kocher and My uncle managed the Chances Are II or chances Are Two in West Palm Beach, FL when I was a child. I remember listening to bands and dancing up on the bar during the daytime, at 3 or 4 years of age, to about 8 or 9, when we visited my great uncle. His name was Charlie Summers. I don’t know if you would have been there in the late 60s and early 70s when my uncle worked there, but my mother, his niece, lived in WPB with him at the time. She met my father there, fresh out of the Army, married and had me there. These are some of the best memories of her life and some good childhood memories for me as well. I would love to know exactly where the Chances Are we so frequently visited was and my mother doesn’t remember the street. I know it was right on the beach. The bar had a little back yard with palm trees that sat right on the sand. If you could recall the location of the Chances Are bar that you played at in West Palm Beach, that was right on the beach, I would sure appreciate knowing exactly where it sat. I’m sure it’s a high rise hotel now, being beachfront property but I’d still like to take my mother, who has recently battled breast cancer, on a trip down memory lane this spring. We have lived in Ohio for many years and family there is all gone now. Anyway, if you can help me out thank you.

  4. Great Job Ric ….Frank Swiech here ….I played all the clubs …With Sawdust , Calhoun Band , C.G. Strutt and wit Travis Younger ….Miss my old Buddies from back then …man how time flies …since leaving I worked with Michael Murphey , Eddy Raven , Sammy Kershaw , Lorrie Morgan , Bellamy Brothers and now I’m with Aaron Tippin ..anyone that wants to say hello drop me a line …Take Care

  5. Ric,

    Good luck on this effort. I found it while Googling names. I left a few observations. You are a bit older that me (yes, we are the “Old Guys”) but I do remember you from the BIt’O Nostalgia restaurant (great place in Lantana). I graduated from Lake Worth Hight as well, but in 1974. Our band was good for Jr. High Kids (Boynton Beach Jr, High) in the late 1960’s – 71, but we got broken up when they split the school district, Duffy King and I ended up going to Lake Worth, but our Drummer (Dennis Kennamer) and Bassist (Paul Johnson) ended up going to Altantic High (old Seacrest). Great memories. Google Duffy King, he is still a musician and has cut some tracks with Tommy Lee’s band (Monsters of Mayhem – I think?) This is Jogging my memory

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