A Book Project: Palm Beach County Local Bands of the 60s and 70s. A look back at the bands, musicians, venues, and musical instrument stores that made up our local music scene from 1960 through 1980.

I launched this website in order to gather as much material (names, stories, photos, audio and video) as possible about the people, places and music that I was so fortunate to be a part of here in Palm Beach County. It will take some cooperation from many of you who were playing here in the sixties and seventies, but my plan is to write and self-publish a fairly thorough book that will bring it all together again for all of us old guys. This project may take a year or two, but it needs to be done before we forget the details. Most importantly, we’ve got to show our kids and grand-kids that we were once really cool!

The second purpose for the site will be to complement the book with all the things that the web can do, such as photo slide shows, audio clips and even some video. It is also searchable so that one can quickly find all references to a band, player, song or place.

The following web pages have lists with all of the names that I could come up with from memory, along with many contributions from players and friends out there. If your name or band or place is not yet included, please use the Contribute links at right to send us the information. We will update all lists as new material comes in.

Thanks in advance for your interest and contributions. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Ric Glass – June 9, 2016

20 thoughts on “Palm Beach County Local Bands

  1. Barbara Reilly

    Tom Reilly has information for you on local bands from the 60’s. Reillybarbara1@me.com or 561-744-6041.

  2. Dave Owens

    I grew up in PBC in the late 50’s and sixties, lived in Lake Park, Fl. Graduated RBHS in 63.

  3. Brian Rich

    I played guitar for the Villagers. I’ll look for a photo.

  4. Brian, I remember you well. Any photos, stories, audio would be very much appreciated. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Great web site. Lot of memories. What ever happened to Ric Steele of The Villigers and the Peace & Quiet Band?

    • Ed, Thanks for stopping by. Ric Steele died several years ago (maybe around 2000?) I had played with him briefly in 1973 or so. Quite a character, incredible voice. Maybe somebody here has better info?

  6. Chris Leuzinger

    Yes unfortunately Rick did pass away. Really great voice and I had a lot of fun playing in P&Q with him in WPB, Miami and Gainesville. Good to hear from you Brian and what are you doing these days? I’m still in Nashville. Jeff Teague is there also and I run into him occasionally.

  7. Chris Leuzinger

    Forgot I played with Rick and P&Q in Nashville too….

  8. Hi:
    Thanks Chris for responding to my inquiry about Rick Steele. I went to elementary & junior high schools with him. He was a very talented guy. I often wondered what happened to him. While you guys were playing in P&Q, I was in Vietnam and lost track of a lot of things after coming home, getting married, etc. Do you know where he is buried, Year and how he died? He wasn’t married was he? Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

  9. Chris Leuzinger

    Hey Ed, I did travel down to WPB to see him before he passed and we had a good visit but I’m not sure where he was buried after he died. And I’m sorry but I can’t remember what year that was. I believe Rick had one child if I remember correctly so I think he may have been married at some point. But that was after he had already left Nashville and we lost touch for many years so not totally sure about that.

    • Hi Chris:
      Thanks for the replied info about Rick. I’ll have to do some research and see what I can find.
      Do you know of anyone that might have the P&Q album in very good condition, that they’d like to sell?
      Didn’t Don Widing play drums with the Villagers when Rick was with them?
      Thanks again and have a good one.

  10. Marie R. Graves

    Misbehavin was actually Aint Misbehaving for many years. I have posters and photos of Neurosurgeons, Travis Moon, and many more. Good project but no mention of Andy Birdsall? I will contact you when I uncover these. Also have some Boca friend that probably have Buster Legs info.

    • Marie, I will add Andy to the list. I’ve heard the name but never met him or heard him play. Send me what you know about him if you have time. Thanks.

  11. I’ve seen multiple inquiries regarding Rick Steele. I became friends with Rick in the late 80’s. One of the last bands he played in was a band called Misbehavin. I seem to remember he passed away sometime in the late 90’s. From what I recall he was in a motorcycle accident and had a bad blood transfusion which eventuality led to his death a few years later. You can contact Karen Floor she was the other vocalist in the band and was with him in his last days. https://www.facebook.com/karen.k.floor?fref=ts

    • Paul, I played with him in maybe the last incarnation of Peace & Quiet in 1974-76. I can still hear that voice. He was one of the unforgettable ones.

  12. rick steele was one of the most passionate singers in palm beach county. I still remember the lyrics to dead dog in the road. hard road covered his love ballad “can you believe in for ever” those were the days

    • Bob, I found the ‘Dead Dog’ track (maybe 1971) in the archives, added it to the P&Q page

  13. bob baird

    thanks ric it sure brought back memories

  14. john F burgess



  15. Chuck Taylor

    Destiny – 1979 thru 1982 -many awesome time
    Chuck Taylor
    Gary Meade
    Geautin reaux
    Jack hold am
    Nick Longarzo

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